About The Olive Tree Initiative at UC Berkeley

The Olive Tree Initiative (OTI) at Berkeley is a student-run organization promoting multi-perspective, experiential education concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In an effort to discover the multiple narratives surrounding the conflict, OTI will engage students from a myriad of perspectives and backgrounds, bringing diverse leaders together to learn about conflict resolution. Aside from our weekly educational meetings and the new Intractable Conflicts course held on campus, students have the opportunity to participate in a three-week diplomatic trip to Washington D.C., New York, Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. There they will meet with over 80 high profile politicians, political think-tanks, religious leaders, NGOs, and citizens in the region in order to comprehensively study the conflict. OTI at UC Berkeley expects that our initiative will act as a catalyst so that upon return, its members will become empowered as critical thinkers and student leaders.

To contact OTI Leadership, email otiberkeley@gmail.com.

General Information
This is an ASUC sponsored organization. www.asuc.org