Tonight's Meeting: Overview of Historical Political Thought

Hello and welcome back from what we hope was a restful and/or exciting break, olives and supporters!

Our meeting tonight will be an interesting one. Instead of delving into the history of the conflict itself, as has been done in the past, we will be learning about and discussing some key figures in political thought. We are looking forward to an educational and engaging session, so please join us! Members new and old are invited to partake in our discussions and meetings.

Additionally, we are encouraging any and all students of the UC system to apply to the Middle East trip, especially Cal students. This truly is an amazing and exciting opportunity, and past trip participants are more than willing to share their experiences with anyone interested. The trip consists of a three week educational expedition to Washington D.C., New York, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, and the student envoy meets with top politicians and diplomats, as well as think tanks, NGOs, and other organizations. To find out more information, please come to tonight's meeting. The application will be discussed in detail and questions are welcomed. And if you aren't interested in applying, then please spread the word and encourage your friends and colleagues to apply!

Best wishes,
Nisa Dang
Director of Public Relations and Media Outreach