Tonight's Meeting: Special Guest Dr. Daniel Zoughbie

Hello, Olives and supporters!

We here at OTI at Cal have a special treat for you at tonight's meeting: Professor Daniel Zoughbie, who is known for his involvement in issues of international health, United States foreign policy, Middle Eastern politics, and international relations, will be joining us to speak about his work with his organization, Microclinic International. If you are interested in Palestinian and Jordanian health issues, this is the perfect educational session for you, as Dr. Zoughbie's work with Microclinic International involves the establishment of Palestinian and Jordanian health clinics. Please join us for this fruitful discussion and wonderful learning opportunity.

Additionally, we will be talking a bit more about the trip applications and answering any questions that any one may have. The trip applications can be found on the home page orĀ here. We encourage you to apply!

Before I sign off and leave you all to have a wonderful rest of your week, I just wanted to say that the OTI retreat at Dancing Deer Farms was a successful endeavor. Not only was it a fun and educational experience, we have a lot in store for the Cal community. With the applications, the upcoming event in our Window Into Middle East Diplomacy: An Evening With AmbassadorsĀ series, and all the other things we have planned, there really is no better time to join the initiative.

Nisa Dang
Director of Public Relations and Media Outreach