A Belated 'Welcome Back' From Our Chapter!

Hello, olives and supporters, and welcome back from what we hope was a restful break.

Over the brief recess, the Berkeley olives parted ways to embark on their own adventures. Some went back home, where they were able to spend time with loved ones. Others journeyed to different parts of the world, either as participants of different programs, or on their own, to see the sights. And a small delegation was fortunate enough to pick up where we left off this summer, traveling to the region and completing the OTI 7 trip with the other university chapters of the initiatives. Hopefully, you will join us at our Welcome Back, Olives event- date and time to be announced- where the olives will be sharing their myriad of experiences abroad.

Perhaps we were feeling extremely motivated from our different trips, because when we got back to Cal, the first thing we did was attend a Leadership Summit hosted by one of our members. The summit was a great way for us to re-orient ourselves and connect with national and with the wider campus community. You will see this in the upcoming events that we have planned, so keep an eye out!

This brings us to this week's meeting, which will be a discussion on the different political systems in place in the region. Please come ready to engage and contribute, and as always, we welcome new members to join us. Our meeting will be taking place tonight in Room 183 Dwinelle Hall, from 7:30-9:30.

Best wishes, and have a great week,
Nisa Dang
Director of Public Relations and Media Outreach