Tonight's Meeting: Refugees and the Right of Return

Hello, hello, and happy Thursday, everyone!

We here at the Olive Tree Initiative hope that the week has been productive and relaxing, and that you all have fun plans this weekend.

At tonight's meeting, we will be hosting a presentation and group discussion on the issue of refugees and the right of return. We are hoping for a great turn out, and encourage everyone to bring a friend or two. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this nuanced topic, to hear different perspectives on it, and even to share your own.

Chapter business aside, this past weekend was spent by most of OTI leadership in Big Bear, a mountain village in Southern California. The retreat served as a wonderful opportunity for members of OTI at Cal to catch up with the leadership of other chapters, to socialize, and to discuss how to more effectively run the individual chapters. The leadership of this chapter came away with a lot of great ideas for outreach and fundraising, as well as newly-formed relationships.

Additionally, the last portion of the retreat was dedicated to a boot camp for OTI members traveling to the region to practice OTI's philosophy of experiential education. The student delegates originally planned to travel to DC, New York City, Israel and the West Bank, and Jordan this past summer, but instead, the trip was broken up into an east coast portion for the summer and a Middle East portion for this coming winter.

More information about this trip as well as next summer's trip and applicationĀ are soon to come, and new members are encouraged to ask returning members about their own experiences on their delegations.

As always, we leave you with the very best of wishes,
Nisa Dang
Director of Public Relations and Media Outreach