Belated 'Welcome Back' from our chapter!

Hello, hello, and welcome back from a long and eventful summer!

We here at the Initiative have been especially busy. Over the summer, we had members traveling all over, with some participating in the abridged OTI 7 trip, and some working and studying in the region, so we thought that for the first couple of meetings, we would host a Meet the Olives event and a Welcome Back Olives event. The first was aimed at giving prospective members a casual environment in which they could meet with current chapter members, to ask about their experiences and to get to know them. The second was an event at which members who traveled to DC/NYC and to the region were able to share their experiences. Professor Peter Bartu and OTI alumna Shannon Thomas attended and spoke a bit about their involvement in the chapter.

With those initial events geared at providing a welcoming introduction to this year of education, discussion, and collaboration, we were able to transition into a meeting and discussion on the historical overview of the conflict, with several members presenting and contributing.

This week, we will complete the overview and begin a chapter discussion on the events of this summer. As always, new members are welcome to attend meetings. In fact, we encourage anyone remotely interested in learning about the conflict or in sharing their perspectives to join us in our new room at our new time: 254 Barrows at 7:30PM on Thursdays.

With best wishes and regards,
Nisa Dang
Director of Public Relations and Media Outreach